Reis Turnbull
‘Culture Collection’

Reis was born in Bangor, UK. She has recently graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art Printmaking. 
Reis is a multidisciplinary artist, she uses the tools and techniques of science in her creative process to make art informed by printmaking. The artwork explores the relationship between art and science, specifically observation, experimentation, method and calibration. She is driven by the curiosity of how scientific process can be used to produce artwork that emphasizes creative aspects of the disciplines working together. 

This began with the use of bacterial cultures and food dyes which developed further as an inspiration for mirroring the natural process and manipulating it to achieve desired outcomes. Through trial and error, the process has been refined using various methods to produce an effect that pays homage to the natural processes initially experimented with. This technique has led to the use of gelatine, ferro fluid, toner inks and selective exposure to produce a range of textures and colours.

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