By Joanne Fitzpatrick


Joanne Fitzpatrick is a visual artist based in Belfast, her work explores the northern Irish landscape through the mediums of printmaking, Photography, and painting.

Her current solo exhibition ‘Reconstruct’ follows on from where her recent solo show ‘into the blue’ left off. The show included a selection of cyanotype prints and photographic works which depicted northern Irish landmarks from alternative viewpoints.

‘Reconstruct’ uses this work to create new and exciting experimental pieces using screen printing, painting, and restructuring techniques that aim to develop and explore the work in a different way.

This body of work encompasses elements of recycling, renewing, and reusing abandoned prints in a range of different ways. Colour, composition, line and shape are important and are achieved using layering and collage to create energy, interest and context.

The process allows the work to become less representational and more abstract in nature which helps to examine and interpret the landscape on a looser level. This encourages rigorous editing, reviewing and allows for a greater sense of depth and freedom within the work.  

You can view snippets from the exhibition below

Artist Statement: 

Joanne Fitzpatrick is a visual artist and educator based in Belfast. She graduated from the Belfast school of Art in 2000 and specialises in printmaking, photography and painting. Joanne is also an artist member at Seacourt Printworkshop in Bangor. Throughout much of her work, mark-making is prevalent as she enjoys infusing and overlapping line. Joanne is currently working on a large edition of Cyanotype prints, Polaroid photographs and semi abstract paintings based on photographic images and sketches that she has taken of recognisable landmarks in Northern Ireland. Each piece of work is unique and embraces a contemporary use of the formal elements.

Throughout her Cyanotype series her aim is to investigate and modernise a vintage process with a range of techniques.  Joanne is inspired by the expressionistic work of Willem De Kooning and Robert Rauschenberg.

As a result of these influences Joanne uses loose vibrant brush strokes to enhance depth, frame the image and to bring a sense of disruption and disorder to the form.

Seacourt Summer

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With Heart and Hand

In spring 2021, Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive commissioned six artists from Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor to make a creative response to With Heart and Hand, a UTV programme made in 1966 to commemorate the Battle of the Somme.