This project provides support and creative intervention for people who are isolated, have chronic illness, learning or physical disability with mental health or those who are facing life challenges. We partner with a range of third sector orgainsations like Inspire mental Health, Cedar Foundation, Action Mental Health to refer in people who would benefit from some time printmaking and rebuilding. 

Some stay for a few weeks, other for a few years so we also have a supported membership track for those who are botten by the printmaking bug.

*(formerly interhuman/nolabels)

If you are interested in taking part or are a support worker who would like to refer a client, please contact Emma.


Building on our previous work this project empowers participants to explore new ideas and be more independent in their projects. The theme ‘Print isn’t Dead’ allows each person to explore their personal and community histories and create art works that share this with the wider public. 

Using letterpress and photo plate printing and delving into archives, conversations, research and contemporary documentation we will chart some of the significant events and stories of Bangor, a popular seaside town from the point of view of these residents who have been isolated through illness and life challenges.

Sharing your story can have a powerful effect and we’ll facilitate this sharing in partnership with the County Down Spectator. We’re working on a longer project that will allow us to open up fascinating letterpress collections and artefacts and printing machines. Contact Emma for details.

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