This project provides support and creative intervention for people who are isolated, have chronic illness, learning or physical disability with mental health or those who are facing life challenges. We work with people from a range of circumstances, in the past with people on the autistic spectrum, dementia or are suffering from a chronic decision that effects either their mental or physical health.

We partner with a range of third sector orgainsations like Inspire mental Health, Cedar Foundation, Action Mental Health and Orchardville to refer people who would benefit from some time printmaking and rebuilding. 

We evaluate and monitor our participant wellbeing throughout the course of our workshops. With a recorded increase of 9-10 point increase in wellbeing score over the last 2 years. Seacourt welcome’s everybody individually to the workshop, learning and adapting as we grow.  

Some stay for a few weeks, other for years so we also have a supported membership track for those who are botten by the printmaking bug.

Many people who come through our doors talk about their troubles melting away as they create their own artworks and connect with others using our services. 

*(formerly interhuman/nolabels)

We are always looking to work with new groups and new people. If you are interested in taking part or are a support worker who would like to refer a client, please contact Emma.

“Seacourt is positive and encouraging”

“To walk through the doors of Seacourt is a joy. Everybody is so inviting and supportive with all the difficulties I have both physical and mental, they melt away when I explore my creative side.”

“Seacourt is inviting.” 

“Seacourt is quite inspiring.” 

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