Traditional Copper Etching in Miniature

Penny Brewill


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Tutor: Penny Brewill

Saturday 15th April 2023

10AM to 4PM

£120.00 – 6 places

Suitable for: Beginners

Etching is one of cornerstones of printmaking and offers endlessly fascinating possibilities for any artist. An image is etched into a metal plate using acid in this case copper. The  etched areas sit below the surface of the metal plate and hold the ink ready for printing using our beautiful etching press.

This course is suitable for complete beginners or those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

You will be guided through how to prepare your copper plate, apply wax resist for hard and soft ground line etching, the various drawing and mark-making techniques and tools used to draw image and image correction/stopping out using acid resist varnishes prior to etching the plate.

Penny will teach you how to etch your plate safely and will give a explanation of the various solvents, spirits and varnishes used in etching. You’ll also cover inking, wiping and printing your plate and the correct and safe procedures for cleaning up.

This is an ideal course for those wishing to become a member of Seacourt Print Workshop. As a pathway to membership, a participant can then go on to complete their membership 1-1 session to ensure absolute confidence to work without assistance.

A full set of notes will be provided, that you can annotate yourself along the course duration. 

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Traditional Copper Etching in Miniature