We offer several levels of membership at seacourt and we’re always delighted to welcome new printmakers into our community. These range from ad hoc to 24/7 use.

There is a simple application process so that we can ensure you have the necessary skills and experience to work in the space safely.

We can also prepare you for membership through courses and one to one training. There is always coffee on the go so arrange to drop by for a tour and a chat about options. Download an application form here.


Provides unlimited access to the workshop. Keyholder members must have reached a level of competency in their chosen printform/s and be confident and competent in using the equipment and resources we offer independently to access this membership.

Payment options:

£300.00 flat rate yearly or £25.00 monthly standing order


Provides access to the workshop Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm. Business hours members should have a background in printmaking or an arts specialism and should have completed printmaking workshops prior to joining. Talk to our Director about joining.

Payment options: 

£200.00 flat rate yearly or £16.67 monthly standing order


Provides the opportunity to exhibit in our Members’ Annual Exhibition. Associate members should have a background in printmaking or have incorporated printmaking into their artistic practice.

Payment options: 

£25.00 flat rate


We offer occasional use of the workshop through irregular membership, ideal for for artists wishing to experiment or print a single edition.

Payment options: 

£10.00 per day, £25.00 per week or £50.00 per month


Aimed at particpants who have been attending our health and wellbeing programmes and have a level of skill and confidence that opens up more regular independent use of the workshop. This is by application to the Director in conjunction with our facilitators and includes an extended induction.

Payment options:

£12.50 per month


Suitable for ‘A’ level students and university students wishing to build up their portfolio or extend a project. It is also a great stepping stone to full membership and we love to nurture young printmakers.

Payment options:

£12.50 half term week or £25.00 per month during holiday periods

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