Margaret Arthur, A Journey Through Print 1981-2023

Margaret’s ‘Journey Through Print’ has involved creating a very significant body of print work. Her journey has allowed her to explore and re-visit a number of universal and deeply personal themes.  These include art works concerning the family, mothers and sisters, childbirth and fleeing the nest as well as reflections on illness, of wounds and of surgery. She has and continues to create prints reflecting her deep engagement with the natural world, the sun, sea and sky and the landscapes of Donegal and Down.
Margaret Co-founded Seacourt Print Workshop 1981 with her dear friend and colleague, Jean Duncan. She is a Seacourt Honorary Life Member and continues to serve as a Board Member.  
Margaret has exhibited widely in Ireland, U.K., Europe and U.S.A. She has lived and worked in Washington D.C., holding a solo exhibition at Russell Rotunda, Capitol Hill. She spent six months in California, printmaking in Stanford University, and The Pacific Art League.  She worked in San Diego with encaustic artist, Robert Treat, and has continued developing the encaustic technique in her own print work.
Margaret was elected an Associate of the Royal Ulster Academy in 2002 where she served on the Council from 2003-2007 she was then elected Academician in 2006 Serving again on the Council 2013 to 2015.

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