"Lockdown" By Nathalie Caleyron

Nathalie Caleyron is currently exhibiting her work at Seacourt’s member’s gallery. A series of linocuts that portrays her most recent lockdown experience. In Nathalie’s own words: 

“In the midst of the tragedy that raged around us over the last 16 months, home became my safe little bubble. My universe shrunk to our house, the backyard and the daily walks around our local park.  

Lockdown imposed a different frame to look at everyday life.  

Uncluttered by all the moving, travelling, visiting and the usual cacophony of our normal busy lives, daily, ordinary little gems started to shine and be noticed. The marking of time and seasons turned into an endless source of inspiration, and the slightest change became a big event: new buds in spring; birds visiting the feeders; my daughter baking cookies; collecting apples from the park; Saturday morning brunches or even the routine of washing up…  

By removing all other dimensions, I was given a yearlong opportunity study what had been under my nose all along. A residency at home! 

‘Lockdown’ is a collection of the prints I produced on my kitchen table from March 2020 to May 2021.”

Nathalie’s most recent work reflects her experience of spending lots of time encapsulated at home during lockdown. Putting aside the destruction and tragedy of the past year, Nathalie chooses to find the euphoria within the mundane, through this body of work. 

Nathalie primarily works with Linocut printmaking technique as she explores the relationship she has with her surroundings and the beauty in the ephemeral domesticity of everyday life. 

You can also hear more about Nathalie’s inspiration over the last year via her interview with Arts&Business NI last month, linked below:

Nathalie Caleyron is originally from France but has lived in North Belfast for most of her life. She discovered printmaking through a workshop in Seacourt Print Workshop (Bangor) 6 years ago. 

It was a ‘love at first sight’ experience and she has been involved in printmaking and in Seacourt since.

Her prints are mostly multiplate lino, often with an element of mono-printing, giving a uniqueness to each hand pulled print within the same edition. Below are a few details from her exhibition. If you would like to know more about Nathalie’s work then you can follow her on Instagram @nathaliecaleyron and view her Etsy shop: