Board Member, Johanna Leech , Chooses Her Top Picks from Seacourt's International Mini Print Biennial 2020...


“Katie Armstrongs pieces are some of my favourites. The titles, ‘In the Stars’ and ‘In the Woods’ juxtaposes themes around day and night, it’s a lovely connection.”

“In the Stars”
Katie Armstrong’s piece is like a glimpse or view from a telescope.  A strong circle but with a gentle breach for a rabbit’s foot.   The circle in the square paper gives it prominence.   Gold stars jump out from the black along with two hares.  It makes me feel that I could be lying looking up at the stars and see what she sees.  Trying to draw spaces and connections in the stars, trying to see the rabbits.  It reminds me of the beautiful painted ceiling in central station New York, with stars, constellations and mythical creatures.

“In The Woods ” 
Like Katie’s other piece with the strong circle within the square.  It reminds me of the recent fashion trends for tattoo designs.  Now that foraging and going to Forrest parks are popular over the pandemic, this piece makes me think of that.  It looks like a sacred amulet or motif.  It captures that surprise you have when you spot a squirrel, a special encounter.  The joy of watching them and seeing their world.  The colours are quite striking, and I like the foliage that hugs the circle making it softer.  It reminds me of growing up reading classic illustrated Ladybird books.

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