In celebration of Seacourt’s 40th anniversary this year (2021), we have created an Intaglio Printmaking demonstration for our creative community. This is open to anyone and has been designed to share our knowledge and expertise in the hope that it encourages you to create your own prints or return to your print workshop following the easing of restrictions as and when they happen nationally and globally. 

Rent a Printing Press

We are offering the rent of a portable printing press to accompany this free online demonstration. Printing rates can be found below: 

2 weeks-£25*

1 month-£50*

*A £100 deposit will be required prior to renting the equipment, this will be returned once it is returned. 

If you would like to rent a press please contact us via email info@seacourt-ni.org.uk 

What is Intaglio Printmaking?


Intaglio printmaking is the process of inscribing into the surface of a plate to create a space for the ink to go essentially. It is the opposite of relief printing whereby the ink is applied to the surface of the plate as the areas that have been scribed into plate remain ink free. 

A few intaglio techniques are engraving, etching, drypoint, aquatint and mezzotint. Usually the design is scribed into a copper, zinc and aluminium. magnesium, plastics or even coated paper. You can be very experimental with this printmaking technique, as various intaglio techniques can produce a wide range of effects. There are 2 main ways of making intaglio prints. The first involves applying ink to a single plate, the second is when multiple plates are used to create the one image. In this video, Clinton will take you through 4 intaglio techniques, filmed at Seacourt Print Workshop. 

If you enjoyed this workshop, please give our video a ❤️ and share your results with us either via email or social media using the #seacourtprints and tagging us in your posts @seacourtprints

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