CREATIVE PENINSULA 2019 with Susan Robinson

We are delighted to present an exhibition of new work from Susan Robinson as part of Creative Peninsula 2019. Fabrications examines the fine line between facts, fiction and folklore. Combining Screen- printing, Stitch, Knitting and Crochet, Robinson examines, embroiders and embellishes our understanding of memory and the human brain. 

Where did the idea of ‘Woolly Thinking’ come from? How exactly does someone’s mind ‘Completely Unravel’? What is a ‘Hare-Brained Scheme’? How does one put ‘a Twist in the Tale’? This exhibition gathers all these curious threads to produce some rather imaginative Textile Art. 


There are several opportunities for our audience to get creative in the gallery interactive exhibits:

Learn how to Spin your own ‘brainy’ yarn:

Have a go at spinning, knitting and crocheting while you visit the exhibition. Add your own ‘twists to the tale’ or put your on ‘hook’ on what the last person has done. Over the course of the exhibition will add these collaboratively-made ‘fabrications’ to the show.

In Stitches: 

Spend five minutes or half an hour making your mark in stitch on our BIG BRAIN, a collaborative work that will grow over the course of the exhibition. Bring some fabric, buttons or threads or choose from our stash. 

Booking for this event has now closed.

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