Elizabeth Donaldson

Towards a Yellow Sky is a multi-layered screen print incorporating expressive mark-making, digital manipulation techniques, abstract code and conceptualised colour fields.  

A subject never previously explored by the artist. This uniquely immersive project presented the opportunity to be part of a shared creative response among peer group printmakers from Seacourt Print Workshop.

Personal accounts of war, as told by those who experienced it first-hand, were deconstructed and reimagined in two dimensions, with sensitivity and respect. 

“I was mindful that what I wanted to represent was a visceral response to the stories told, a sensation and feeling.

The yellow sky was mentioned in one of the stories and I was very moved by the image that conjured in my mind – the idea of going towards a yellow sky – underpinned by the brutality of war and men going towards their death.  

I translated the phrase “towards and yellow sky” into morse code and used digital manipulation techniques to abstract and obscure the code. These were exposed to a screen and printed in multiple layers. The effects resemble communication and code on a number of levels, newsprint, DNA, braille, and I liked that they were combined into a visual language that would be part of the vertical landscape.”