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Seacourt Members’ Annual Christmas Exhibition

Christams Exhibition

Seacourt Members' Annual Christmas Exhibition

Christams Exhibition

Come and join us for an evening of festive cheer as we launch our Member’s Annual Christmas Exhibition. Seacourt printmakers have been working hard all year, developing new imagery, techniques and colour palettes to create this wonderful display of new work. 

We will have lots of mince pies and mulled wine on offer as well as fresh prints in the racks for you to browse through. Have you a creative in your life that’s always quite hard to buy for, why not gift something more unique-a print from our Christmas Exhibition!

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Seacourt Summer

Seacourt Summer Workshops




Seacourt Summer Workshops 2022

Seacourt Summers is back! We are opening the doors of the old Ulster Bank in Bangor, Northern Ireland,  once again to share the magic of printmaking! Drop in, say hello and try out some printmaking workshops. We have lots of fun activities for everyone to enjoy and an amazing new exhibition “Something for the weekend” by Jessica Hollywood.

Totes and Tees – Buy a tote bag to print or bring your favourite t shirt and take home a limited edition design by Jessica Hollywood

Hand print a vintage postcard and paint it to make it your own. 

Pop in for ten minutes or stay for a few hours and add you own artworks to our BANGOR BY THE SEA bunting. You can try intaglio, letterpress, and monoprinting and our artists will be on hand to show you how. 

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With Heart and Hand

With Heart and Hand
With Heart and Hand

With Heart and Hand

In spring 2021, Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive commissioned six artists from Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor to make a creative response to With Heart and Hand, a UTV programme made in 1966 to commemorate the Battle of the Somme. For the programme, UTV recorded interviews with veterans who recalled their experiences in that famous battle, and throughout WW1. The footage also captures poignant stories from the home front during that time.

During the project, the artists viewed and discussed the footage and shared their thoughts and ideas with each other and they drew inspiration from this process for their own work.

The partnership project has resulted in a series of prints, where each of the artists has interpreted the rich source material in their own unique way.

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Seacourt Relocates To Bangor Town Centre

Seacourt Relocates To Bangor Town Centre
Seacourt Relocates To Bangor Town Centre
From left: Ken Sterrett (Chairperson), Margaret Arthur (Co-founder), Emma Drury (Director), Nathalie Caleyron (Member) and Clinton Kirkpatrick (Member).



Seacourt Print Workshop is delighted to be taking up residence in the Ulster Bank Building, on Bangor Main Street.

The building has stood unoccupied since 2017 following the closure of the bank but many of the banking idiosyncrasies remain, such as the beautiful, caged vault, pneumatic tube banking systems, and the iconic front elevation, which is Grade B1 listed.  The building was built in 1920 and in its 101st year we hope to bring it back to life, contributing to the regeneration of Bangor, and its revival as an arts and culture destination, locally and beyond.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary we feel extremely fortunate to be moving into such a well-known premises, at the heart of our hometown, where it all began, in 1981. Seacourt is an open access printmaking studio which is utilised by people of all ages with fantastic resources, ranging from etching and letterpress to lithography and screen-printing. A town centre location has been a long-held ambition for our charity and we hope to play a part encouraging more people to Bangor’s town centre with a dedicated exhibition space and programme of high profile exhibitions.

Our 80 members are looking forward to welcoming people to exhibitions, events, and workshops later in the year as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in our unique new home. As early as next month, the public can expect to see a number of new courses on offer, such as ‘Print and Prosecco’, a new membership certification course, and lots of workshops and events in the pipeline for 2022.

As we have packed up our prints, our inks and equipment in our Balloo premises we have enjoyed rifling through our workshop uncovering lots of amazing equipment, interesting archive documents including a letter from Hilary Clinton to our co-founder Margaret Arthur, dating back to 1998, following her exhibition at the United States Capitol Rotunda, Washington DC.

Seacourt’s Director Emma Drury says, “We very much hope Seacourt’s new town centre location will place us back on local people’s radar. When we held our #bangorbythesea town centre pop-up event in 2019, we realised that many (local residents) didn’t know where we landed after we left the basement of the Carnegie Library.  We hope that being in close proximity to transportation links will help us open up our services to more people during what will be a pivotal time for our organisation’s development.”

What the motivations were for moving.

The Ulster Bank is Seacourt’s fifth and forever home. We look back fondly to our time at Seacourt Teacher’s Centre and in the basement of Carnegie Library where we were close to the centre of Bangor. In the early 1990’s we hoped to secure a town centre location and undertook a feasibility study and drew up some ambitious plans but we were unable to find premises that worked and we relocated to Balloo industrial estate. Our services grew again and we took a larger unit but whilst we had lots of space we lacked passing visitors and community.

As Bangor moves towards regeneration we wanted to locate our organisation in the centre of things and play our part in the changes that are ahead. We believe that our town centre needs cultural organisations to help rejuvenate and attract people to have experiences.

We will be working over time to renovate and redevelop the Ulster Bank Building ensuring the building is improved and does not stand empty and fall into disrepair. We are excited about the potential the building offers for creativity.

When will Seacourt be open again or hope to be open again.

Seacourt will be open to our members by the beginning of October and we will be offering exhibtions, courses and events over the coming months. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary and will be welcoming people in to a series of celebrations between October and December 2021.

What the benefits are of the new Seacourt HQ.

Our new building places us in a landmark building in the town centre where we can connect people to creativity. We hope this will allow us to grow our membership, increase the health and wellbeing driven services we offer and give our artists the opportunity to share their amazing work with greater numbers of people.

We will also bring imagination and entrepreneurship to the town centre. Working with partners like Open House and Boom Studios we want to help the cultural life of the town consolidate and grow, providing employment for artists and engaging people of all ages in creative activities.

Our new building is 5 minutes walk from the train station and the excellent public transport links will help us be more accessible.

“We are thrilled to return to Bangor’s town centre and we will play an active role in rebuilding the Main Street and in the broader regeneration of the town. We think there is huge potential in the town and hope we can work with others to see it grown and develop.”

We have just launched a modest selection of courses for the Autumn based in our new premises. We have been carrying out some essential maintenance to the interior of the building to get it ready for our members to return and invite you all to visit our new home in due course. We will also be exhibiting Joanne Fitzpatrick’s ‘Reconstruct’ exhibition once we open, on the lead up to our annual members’ Christmas Exhibition. 

You can travel to Seacourt by car, bus or train and there is plentiful, reasonably priced parking throughout the town including at the rear of Bingham Mall, the Seafront and the Vennel.


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Seacourt is moving!

Empty Balloo Premises


Empty Balloo Premises

Four relocations later, Seacourt Print Workshop is moving again, for what will hopefully be the last time. We have been busy packing up our workshop, uncovering lots of historic artefacts and reminiscing about how far Seacourt has come over the past 40 years.

We found a number of interesting things in the workshop whilst we rummaged through, such as this letter from Hilary Clinton, addressed to our co-founder Margaret Arthur following her Exhibition at the US Capitol Hall Rotunda, Washington DC 1998 (below). This is a very exciting time for Seacourt as we move into what will hopefully be our permanent home. 

We have moved!

We have been very busy as we have had a mere 6 weeks to vacate our Balloo premises, and have had some huge logistics to compete with, such as how to relocate (safely) 40 years worth of printmaking materials, presses, furniture, artefacts, exhibitions and artefacts to our their new home. Our members have come across a few gems from the archive during the packing up, including an etching of Seacourt’s first home, by the late Jean Duncan, gifted to Emma Drury on her appointment as Director of Seacourt Print Workshop in 2018. Jean was one of Seacourt’s co-founders, alongside Margaret Arthur, as they set about to create a print workshop close to their home town of Bangor back in 1981. 

Seacourt Building We look forward to sharing our new location soon as we focus now on some essential maintenance and getting our presses sitting comfortably in our new home, which could not be more perfect for our artists and artistic community.

We are ambitiously working towards our Autumn programme of printmaking courses that will be released next week. Stay tuned as I am sure you will all want the opportunity to create in our beautiful new forever home!

See you on the other side! 

Seacourt Summer

Seacourt Summers is back! Drop in, say hello and try out some printmaking. We have some fun activities for everyone to enjoy!

With Heart and Hand

In spring 2021, Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive commissioned six artists from Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor to make a creative response to With Heart and Hand, a UTV programme made in 1966 to commemorate the Battle of the Somme.


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Creative Peninsula at Seacourt Print Workshop


We have a number of events planned for this year’s Creative Peninsula, including our 2 exhibitions, a market stall and daily artist demos and talks. 

Congratulations to our very own Steph Harrison, who was chosen as this year’s Creative Peninsula artist, who’s work is featured in the promotional material for the festival circulating nationwide. 

Now in its 20th year, this thriving annual event is back for 2021! 

The 2021 programme sees a slightly reduced offering of in-person activity and the introduction of additional virtual opportunities.

You will find annual favourites including Creative Peninsula in the Square on Friday 30 July, Open Studios, Exhibitions, Workshops and Demonstrations all taking place throughout the beautiful and picturesque Ards and North Down Borough.

The region is well known for its abundance of artists and makers and during the Creative Peninsula event visitors have the opportunity to view work, purchase or commission a unique piece of art or try their hand in one of the many workshops.


Dates for your diary: 

Friday 30th July: Seacourt will have a stall at Creative Peninsula in the Square. We will be selling a range of original prints, cyanotype kits and more. Come on down to Ards Square between 11am-3pm for a browse. 

Saturday 31st July: For the first time this year, we are inviting you all down to Seacourt for 2 exhibition launches. Featuring work by Joanne Fitzpatrick and Nathalie Caleyron, the exhibition opening kicks off at 2pm and will offer refreshments, and an opportunity to meet Joanne and ask her any questions about her work. 

Monday 2nd August: Joanne Fitzpatrick Artist Talk and Demo, 2pm at Seacourt Print Workshop. 

Tuesday 3rd August: Rosy Ennis Artist Talk and Demo, 2pm at Seacourt Print Workshop. 

Wednesday 4th August: Steph Harrison Artist Talk and Demo, 2pm at Seacourt Print Workshop. 

Thursday 5th August: Clinton Kirkpatrick Artist Talk and Demo, 2pm at Seacourt Print Workshop. 

Friday 6th August: Nathalie Caleyron Artist Talk and Demo, 2pm at Seacourt Print Workshop. 


You can view the whole programme on the official Creative Peninsula website linked here

Seacourt Summer

Seacourt Summers is back! Drop in, say hello and try out some printmaking. We have some fun activities for everyone to enjoy!

With Heart and Hand

In spring 2021, Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive commissioned six artists from Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor to make a creative response to With Heart and Hand, a UTV programme made in 1966 to commemorate the Battle of the Somme.


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Online Cyanotype Workshop and Materials Box

Cyanotype Kit


Cyanotype Kit

Cyanotype, also known as sun printing, uses natural UV light to burn an image into chemically treated paper. It has historically been used as a simple, inexpensive way to create copies of architectural drawings, also known as blueprints. The two chemicals used to treat the paper are ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide.

Join Steph Harrison in this 20 minute workshop as she takes you through the process of cyanotype printmaking in 3 easy steps. The course is priced at £15, with the option to purchase Seacourt’s materials box, which includes everything you will need to create 10 or more cyanotype prints. the box is priced at £28 and includes: 

  • 10 sheets of Fabriano paper.
  • Chemical A-ferric ammonium citrate 
  • Chemical B-Potassium Ferricyanide
  • An opaque, sun-proof bottle
  • measuring cup x2
  • mixing spatula x2
  • Welcome Message
  • An opaque bag to store your coated paper.
  • A foam brush 
  • Guidance Notes
  • A few little surprises too!

You will also receive a complimentary digital print of Seacourt Member, Helen Roberts’ limited edition  “Seed Time” cyanotype print with every box. We hope you enjoy this online workshop and materials box, launched in celebration of Seacourt’s 40th anniversary. As each box sleeve is hand pressed, each box design will be unique.

Personalised messages can also be added if you email following purchase. 

Seacourt Summer

Seacourt Summers is back! Drop in, say hello and try out some printmaking. We have some fun activities for everyone to enjoy!

With Heart and Hand

In spring 2021, Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive commissioned six artists from Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor to make a creative response to With Heart and Hand, a UTV programme made in 1966 to commemorate the Battle of the Somme.


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Board Favourites: Johanna Leech’s Picks

Board Member, Johanna Leech , Chooses Her Top Picks from Seacourt's International Mini Print Biennial 2020...


“Katie Armstrongs pieces are some of my favourites. The titles, ‘In the Stars’ and ‘In the Woods’ juxtaposes themes around day and night, it’s a lovely connection.”

“In the Stars”
Katie Armstrong’s piece is like a glimpse or view from a telescope.  A strong circle but with a gentle breach for a rabbit’s foot.   The circle in the square paper gives it prominence.   Gold stars jump out from the black along with two hares.  It makes me feel that I could be lying looking up at the stars and see what she sees.  Trying to draw spaces and connections in the stars, trying to see the rabbits.  It reminds me of the beautiful painted ceiling in central station New York, with stars, constellations and mythical creatures.

“In The Woods ” 
Like Katie’s other piece with the strong circle within the square.  It reminds me of the recent fashion trends for tattoo designs.  Now that foraging and going to Forrest parks are popular over the pandemic, this piece makes me think of that.  It looks like a sacred amulet or motif.  It captures that surprise you have when you spot a squirrel, a special encounter.  The joy of watching them and seeing their world.  The colours are quite striking, and I like the foliage that hugs the circle making it softer.  It reminds me of growing up reading classic illustrated Ladybird books.

To get a glimpse of our exhibition you can watch our video recording below. Or if you would like to see each piece individually, and in detail, you can view the rest of our exhibition by clicking the button below: 

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Have a Seacourt Buy Local Christmas

Have a Seacourt BUY LOCAL Christmas


We would love to help you have a BUY LOCAL Christmas in 2020! When you buy prints, cards, products or experiences you are helping support local artists and it is so important in 2020.


Here are 6 ways you can help keep Artists working and also help keep Seacourt open:

  1. Come to our Annual Christmas Members’ Show on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December. Restrictions permitting we’ll have mulled wine and treats and an array of original artworks to suit every budget.

  2. Buy an experience for a loved one. Mindfulness and Mono printing combines reducing stress and being creative, perfect for lifting the mood in winter.

  3. Buy a mini print from our online exhibition. You can view the prints online and they are for sale until the end of 2020.

  4. Buy a Seacourt Apron. Perfect for printmakers but stylish for bakers too.

  5. Send a limited edition Seacourt Christmas Card. Merve Jones has created the amazing original artwork “Fear Not” to adorn our A5 Christmas Cards. A great message for 2020. Packs of 5 for £10 or 10 for £15.

  6. Give a GIFT TOKEN towards an original print or a future course or workshop.

If you’d like to hear about our latest news sign up to our newsletter here. Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any queries.

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Board Member Ryan Young picks his top prints

Board Members' Biennial picks. Ryan Young chooses first....

Over the next few weeks our Board members are sharing some of their favourite work from the Biennial.

First up is Ryan Young, an Art Director and Designer who works as a Creative Director of advertising agency ASG & Partners. 

Ryan comments “It’s great to see so many entries and such variety in theme & diversity in technique in this years Mini Print Biennial. Choosing a favourite has not been easy!”

“The intrigue & subtle beauty of Polish artist Anna Trojanowska’s “Forma Adaotacji_05”; the clever use of colour in Merve Jone’s linocut piece “Back Home” and the tranquil beauty of Joanne Fitzpatrick’s cyanotype “Boat House” all caught my eye”.

“But my personal favourite is “Venice in a Dream” by Irish artist Meadhbh McIlgorm. This screen print really appealed to me. I love it’s graphic nature, the otherworldly texture and mystic depth. The ethereal feel of it really drew me in. Top work.”

Take a virtual visit to choose your favourite print and click here for a piece by piece look at the exhibition.